Software Development

HCA apps

We develop custom software applications to fit your needs. Since 1999, Katie Gibson has developed a variety of software products for our clients, including:

  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Web applications for e-commerce
  • Web applications for project management
  • Web applications for point-of-sale systems
  • Web applications for selling product configurations for apparel, cars, homes, and boats
  • Web applications for community projects and meetings
  • Intranet web applications for internal productivity such as online timecard, vacation, and benefit tracking
  • Software integration to cloud services
  • Web services subscribed to by Fortune 500 companies
  • Custom workflow applications for manufacturing and railways

Project Examples

MouintainWorks has built software for many companies over the years. Some examples of those companies and the projects we've been involved in follow (note that in many cases the software developed is behind a firewall or accessible only via paid subscription):