FISH TANK: A Fable for Our Times

FISH TANK NextGen Indie Awards


FISH TANK: A FABLE FOR OUR TIMES is an insightful allegory about the human condition, tackling issues of politics and power, limited resources and climate change.

Author Comments

With FISH TANK I tried to create a thoughtful story about how we as a society make decisions, in particular those decisions that impact the environment and others around us. This small book is based on a very large premise—that story has the power to change the world.

FISH TANK has been singled out for many honors, telling me it is making its mark, much to my happiness. That happiness derives not from any numbers count that measures commercial success, but instead because FISH TANK is clearly having an impact in getting people of all ages and from all walks of life to truly think about climate change. Here are a few of those impacts, for which I am truly grateful; FISH TANK ...

Fish Tank

All of this is great praise, for which I am highly thankful. But of these great positives, the one for which I am most proud is that schools in multiple locations across the country have used, or are using, FISH TANK to help students start critically thinking about and discussing climate change and the politics that surround it. Those discussions have taken place grades ranging from grade schoool to college. And to be sure, the discussions can be hard. One professor described her students almost coming to tears because of the depth of discussion catalyzed by FISH TANK.

A highly thoughtful discussion guide for teachers and book clubs is available in one version of the book. Special purchase rates are available—please use the Contact page to let me know your interest and we will be happy to work something out!

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