Finding Enlightenment One Drop of Sweat at a Time


GOOD CAMEL, GOOD LIFE is a tale of hot yoga survival. In this joyful story, a neophyte yoga practitioner finds enlightenment of body, mind, and soul over the course of a 60-day intensive yoga challenge, running concurrently with a major life challenge. This is an ambitious, funny, touching story to be enjoyed by all, particularly anyone facing a challenge of daunting proportions or looking to ahead to figure out "What's next?" GOOD CAMEL, GOOD LIFE will provide the inspiration to begin tackling your own next big challenge!

Author Comments

GOOD CAMEL, GOOD LIFE is a look at life as seen through the lens of Bikram Yoga and a 60-day Bikram Yoga Challenge. The challenge entails doing six days of hot yoga a week for ten weeks straight. It's 105 F in the yoga studio, and you spend 90 minutes in there at a time.

Did I mention that it's hot?

I'd been toying with the idea of doing a Challenge for years, and a few years back the time seemed right. We planned to be home for an extended period of time as Kate was having some health issues. Those issues are described a bit in the book, though mostly only regarding how they impacted my mental and emotional state during the Challenge. Kate, most amazing person that she is, was my biggest fan for taking on the Challenge. She wanted me to accomplish something while we worked to get her well. I saw it as a way to be stronger, more centered; a way to be better for her and thus be better able to help her through her health struggles.

GOOD CAMEL was the first book I wrote in the era of social media. And while I was initially skeptical about the value of social media, I now count it as a huge blessing. Through social media--mainly Facebook to date--I have had the privilege of meeting so many fellow yoga afficienados from around the world. These connections have shown me the great power of community. We are all so lucky to have the joy of yoga in our lives. These new friends have unabashedly shared stories of the own practices, and of the challenges they face in their own lives.

I am simply overwhelmed with the goodness, spirit, and vitality of the people I have met through GOOD CAMEL. My thanks to all of you.

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