A Bicycle Journey on Friendly Roads


"...Bischke offers insights into the pleasures of biking, fly-fishing, and just living."

Here is an engrossing tale. Scott writes entertainingly and perceptively of the idiosyncrasies of the population and areas he and Katie passed through. If you have ever wanted to go cycling in New Zealand, you could do far worse than to read this book first. If you never want to go there, don’t read it; it will probably change your mind!

"I did enjoy the book....the tone was nice, there were good illustrations, the descriptions of the difficulties encountered added to the story without resorting to the whining all too common in literature these days."

Scott Bischke

"Bischke has a fluid, chatty style..."

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing a marvelous book for you. The avid bike rider will be thrilled with the detailed and fascinating descriptions This book, however, contains much more than a simple travel log. There are, of course, the very helpful maps to help the arm-chair adventurer find his and her way. Then we start learning so much about New Zealand: their motivations for ecological survival, their needs to be out in natural surroundings, their friendliness towards foreigners, and for me I loved the descriptions of the beautiful areas, ...TWO WHEELS AROUND NEW ZEALAND reads as if you were sharing travel yarns with old friends. Scott Bischke has a very informal tone, and he really brought me into his confidences as he shared his moods, fears, and hopes before and during this incredible year. Wouldn’t this book make a great film!
—Carolyn Spector, Book Reviewer for KLCC Public Radio Eugene, Oregon

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